UK Sole Representative Visa

UK Sole Representative Visa

The UK is the World’s most integrated, globalised and business friendly economy, a great place to be if you are an international company, investor or businessman. The UK has become the first choice for international businesses looking for new markets, commercial stability and all the advantages that make up a World-class supply chain. Currently the largest Commonwealth Economy, the UK is set to overtake Germany and become the largest European economy by 2030. With record low tax and a thriving, skilled population, London and the UK enjoy exemplary financial stability and is permanently open for business.

A UK Sole Representative Visa is the immigration mechanism used by international companies to establish a commercial presence in London or elsewhere in the UK. A senior member of your company can work in the UK to initiate your commercial operations, build your brand and establish a supply chain. Once you have set up an operational branch or subsidiary, it is likely that you will want to take advantage of a Tier 2 Employer Sponsor Licence and Intra-Company Transfer that grants you the ability to transfer existing key personnel to the UK.

Be a part of the a business era and bring your Business to the UK, contact one of our advisers at the Visa Office on 0207 836 8505 who can talk you through the practicalities of moving your business to the UK. We also offer a no obligation Skype consultation for Corporates and Businessmen who want to find out more.


UK Sole Representative Visa Application

UK Sole Representative Visa applicants must have extensive and relevant experience in your respective industry and must already be employed outside the UK by a business whose headquarters and principle place of business are also outside the UK. This Visa is not designed for business owners or major stakeholders.

For this Visa it is particularly important to have good immigration representation that can facilitate your business needs without your commercial operations being hindered by red tape.

The Visa Office is a specialist firm of UK Immigration Consultants able to facilitate the above processes, make recommendations and support your immigration needs throughout the evolution of your business. For more information regarding our services take advantage of our no obligation Skype consultation service or talk to one of our experienced UK Immigration Consultants on 0207 836 8505.

We also offer a range of Business and Employer services.

For more details on the opportunities and privileges investors and businessmen can expect, visit the official UK Trade and Investment site:

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The Visa Office is a specialist firm of UK Immigration Consultants able to facilitate both Business and Private Immigration processes. From our business to business stance, we can represent and support your immigration needs throughout the advancement of your business.

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