Immigration Act 2016 – Royal Assent

Immigration Act 2016Immigration Act 2016 Receives Royal Assent

The Immigration Bill 2015/2016 has now received Royal Assent and will be known as the Immigration Act 2016. The Bill which was introduced in September 2015 was designed to:

  • Reduce illegal migration
  • Protect UK public services
  • Tackle exploitation of low-skilled worker

For more information on the Immigration Act 2016 please make sure you watch the Queens’ Speech today 18th May 2016 at 11.30

The Immigration Act 2016 will enforce the following:

  • New sanctions on illegal workers and  employers who flout the law
  • Provide better coordination of regulators that enforce workers’ rights
  • Take further steps to prevent illegal migrants in the UK from accessing housing, driving licences and bank accounts
  • New measures to make it easier to enforce immigration laws and remove illegal migrants

The new rules will be rolled out in the coming months to incorporate the above in what is known as the Immigration Act 2016

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