10 Recommended Tips – Your UK Visa Application

10 Recommended Tips - Your UK Visa Application
10 Recommended Tips – Your UK Visa Application

10  recommended tips provided by our Consultants for you to think about before you submit your UK Visa application

“Organisation is key. What  is the caseworker looking for? Make it easy for them to find by making your application – review friendly ”  

James Kennedy (Senior Immigration Adviser at The Visa Office)

The 10 Recommended Tips – Your UK Visa Application

  1. Ensure your application is made in time before your visa expires.
  2. Ensure the form you are applying under is the right one for your case.
  3. Ensure the application form is current. The Home Office can change application forms frequently. Your application may be returned invalid if you use a form which is out of date.
  4. Do not make any mistakes in your application. If you aren’t happy with it, start again!
  5. Use block capitals in all areas you are required to complete.
  6. Make sure your passport photograph/s are current. Do not affix your photograph/s with glue, use a staple on the edge of the photograph avoiding the face and body area. Or use a transparent envelope.
  7. Ensure all the information provided is pertinent to the application you are submitting.
  8. Make sure your supporting documents are in order. This will help the Home Office review your application in a more efficient manner. Add a cover letter setting your documents out in order.
  9. When sending your application bundle make sure you send it via recorded delivery, so you know your application has been received.
  10. Make sure you make a copy of your application and all the documents in the bundle

If you are worried about your application, arrange to get a second opinion, there are many service providers who provide application and document review services. Get the comfort you need to make your application.

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